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AQ Rank AQ IDAQ ScoreAQ Rating Degree(s) Held
1AQXXXXXXX992.5AAA+Nonprofessional Degree - Harvard University
2AQXXXXXXX985.0AAA+Law Degree - Yale University
3AQXXXXXXX977.5AAA+Business School Degree - Cornell University
4AQXXXXXXX970.0AAA+Business School Degree - University of Virginia-Main Campus
5AQXXXXXXX964.17AAAMedical Degree - Brown University
6AQXXXXXXX958.33AAABusiness School Degree - Cornell University
7AQXXXXXXX952.5AAABusiness School Degree - Harvard University
8AQXXXXXXX946.67AAAArchitecture Degree - University of Pennsylvania
9AQXXXXXXX940.83AAAMedical Degree - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10AQXXXXXXX935.0AAALaw Degree - New York University
11AQXXXXXXX928.0AAA-Medical Degree - New York University
12AQXXXXXXX921.0AAA-Medical Degree - Mount Sinai School of Medicine
13AQXXXXXXX914.0AAA-Highschool Diploma
14AQXXXXXXX907.0AAA-Nonprofessional Degree - Harvard University
15AQXXXXXXX900.0AAA-Medical Degree - New York University

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