AQ is a future earnings predictor that anyone can use to make decisions about higher education. Coupling students with AQ Partners instead of banks can help students monetize their most valuable asset: Their education.


AQ's vision is to change the landscape of the higher education financing system by presenting AQ partners and other capital market participants with the opportunity to partner with any student based on his or her potential economic outcome.


AQ's mission is to utilize its patented* business process to evaluate the economic potential of AQ Programs and AQ Members for alternative tuition funding opportunities** in order to remove the specter of student loan debt.

* patent pending

**Alpha Quotient (d/b/a AQ) does not guarantee opportunities to all users, and this website does not constitute an offer to provide finances of any kind

How it Works

Using objective and subjective data metrics and ratings, we will provide business partners opportunities to provide capital support for YOU reducing dependence on student loans, and helping YOU make the educated decision to enroll where you want.

Why AQ

AQ is conceptually an economic probability metric for students prior to or during college enrollment. Using AQ instead of a credit score or other archaic method of partnering with students for the long-term will help students create an asset out of their degree program, and the AQ score will be the principal indicator for partners to assist.