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AQ is the new standard for measuring success.
We are a collaborative company that believes every student is a start-up.

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If you graduated with a $100,000 student loan, chances are you could wind up paying as much as $50,000 in interest alone. By letting AQ help you fund your education through our network, you could save thousands and finish repaying sooner.

Every Student is a Start-up™
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A typical student loan

You financed your education from a traditional lender and got an interest rate based on your credit score, or your parents' credit. As a recent grad your income might not yet be ideal, so payments are probably a big portion of your current salary. If you defer, interest accrues and your debt grows. So you might have to put your life on hold for a while - delaying that new business, waiting on buying a home, stalling your marriage plans - or other sacrifice to make sure you can pay your loan and keep yourself out of further debt.

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Through the AlphaPact, our team can negotiate a partnership for you and arrange for your loan to be purchased by an AQ investor who believes in you! With the AlphaPact, you simply pay the investor back with a fixed percentage of your income for a set number of years, based on your AQ score, not your credit score! If you hit hard times – don’t worry - you may qualify for a grace period without penalty until you're back on your feet.

What is an AQ Score?

The AQ score is a metric that helps investors predict earning potential. Both you and your school have AQ scores to help quantitatively measure earning potential. Your score is based on looking at your achievements, as combined with your school's AQ score. Using key datapoints such as historical post-grad salaries, selectivity, job placement ranking, as well as others, AQ is much more than a credit score. AQ is an innovative rating system supporting the idea that Every Student is a Start-up...

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A few reasons an AlphaPact makes more sense than a traditional loan:

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The AlphaPact is a partnership. Unlike traditional student loans, we structure partnership terms that can help you reduce costs and increase your savings.

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We create a partnership that helps mitigate your risks. Payments do not compound and our terms are flexible during hard times.

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Free up your cash sooner. Our terms are much shorter than the typical student loan terms.

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APR, APY, and EAR are confusing terms that cost you money. Those are not in our vocabulary!

Get help deciding which school is right for you.

We can help you understand how getting an MD from an Ivy League med school affects your future, in comparison to getting an MD at the university closer to your hometown. Get your AQ score and see what your financial future could look like depending on what school you go to.

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Commitment to privacy and security

We understand that your finances are a very serious matter, so your privacy and security remains our priority. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.